Haiti Adoption Update: The Kallinen’s

I wanted to give you a quick update on the status of Betty Kallinen and her girls home coming. Earlier in the week Betty was diagnosed with Typhoid. As you know this is a serious illness, and Betty is not doing well. The tickets had previously been purchased for her to fly with the girls to Florida where her husband, Brion would meet her and they would drive home together.

Because of Betty’s illness, a wonderful friend who was adopted from Haiti, James Adams, will be flying to Haiti to assist Betty and the girls in flying home immediately. A new set of tickets had to be purchased this time with the full flight to Kansas City. Because of this unexpected emergency, they are still in need of additional funds.

I wanted to get the word out in case there was anyone who wanted to give previously who was not able to at the time, or didn’t because we thought the need had been met.

It may be more expeditious this time to write checks to Brion Kallinen and stick them in the mail to me, or contact me if you are local (the transition of funds from Paypal to my bank account and then to the Kallinens was a bit longer than I expected):

Tracie Loux

12312 Askew Street

Grandview, MO 64030



One thought on “Haiti Adoption Update: The Kallinen’s

  1. Hi Tracie….thankyou for getting the word out to so many for prayer…I am Heidi Meythalers mom…I think you know her…. and we have two girls adopted from the same orphanage as Bettys girls are from. We are continuing to pray….esp. for tomorrow….that God will THUNDER and blow the enemy over with His display of power to get Betty and the girls out of there….somehow the door was opened to him but we close it in the name of Jesus! He only got some temporary access to the precious things of the Lord and now he is finished.
    Bless you for your obedience!

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