I Cor 1:26-31

I received this email from a blog/facebook friend today and wanted to share it with you all as you continue to pray for Emma:

I wanted to thank you for your transparency on your blog. Your post about Emma and FAS really stuck me. I wish that I could fully explain my thoughts and feelings. I found myself praying in my kitchen about Emma and I was completely frustrated. I felt overwhelmed by the fact that God so loves Emma and her birth mother and you all at the same time. It was perplexing because my heart was breaking for Emma and her birth mother and you all at the same time. I guess I want it to be more cut and dry. Anyway, I was wrestling with this and other similar situations and I found this verse and I immediately wanted to share it with you.

1 Corinthians 1 (Message)

26-31Take a good look, friends, at who you were when you got called into this life. I don’t see many of “the brightest and the best” among you, not many influential, not many from high-society families. Isn’t it obvious that God deliberately chose men and women that the culture overlooks and exploits and abuses, chose these “nobodies” to expose the hollow pretensions of the “somebodies”? That makes it quite clear that none of you can get by with blowing your own horn before God. Everything that we have—right thinking and right living, a clean slate and a fresh start—comes from God by way of Jesus Christ. That’s why we have the saying, “If you’re going to blow a horn, blow a trumpet for God.”

The part about exploits and abuses hit me. His ways are not our ways. I have a long way to go to understand His ways more. Just so you know you’re not alone in these feelings or in prayer. Thank you for sharing!

Sarah True

3 thoughts on “I Cor 1:26-31

  1. HOW AWESOME that you have such a great prayer warrior friend! Emma is God’s girl and he has saved her life with your help. It’s tough but God will get you through it my sweet friend. She is an angel!

  2. Tracie –
    I just wanted to thank you for stopping by and encouraging us! We just started this journey and are already feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. Somedays we are all fired up and somedays we have to fight through our own self-doubts. But we know this is what God has for us and He has been (and will continue to be) so faithful! We will be following your family closely and taking notes 😉

    Mary Simons

  3. I often take personal offense when I see injustice in this broken sinful world within which we dwell. Abused children, discarded and tossed away like the weekly trash without a care for their souls. But then justice rolls in like a mighty cloud and God makes a way,

    . . . a precious family leaves their own sheep and travels halfway around the world in obedience to rescue these precious orphans. God opens their hearts and pours in His love so they are enabled to be His vessels of love, mercy and kindness. By His power, He’ll transform their souls. They are HIS children.

    I get angry at a neighbor’s husband who willingly walks into an adulteress affair so easily; transferring his lust and attention for another. As if he were merely exchanging an old dishrag for a new one in the morning. Is it fair that she curls up in bed alone at night with the TV on in the background in an attempt to drown out the sounds of her uncontrollable sobs? Attempts to split their assets fairly with some dignity intact only to find that he’s cleaned out their bank account leaving her trapped and scared. But then God makes a way. . .

    Could He, through the pain, be softening her spirit to hear His call? To feel His perfect love and comforting arms wrapping her in His goodness and care? As I share the gospel with this dear one, I see Him making a way. His justice rolls in like a mighty cloud in our little neighborhood.

    Sin is gross. Vile. Repulsive. But is my sin any less than that of the cheating husband or alcoholic mother? no.
    Is it for me to take offense to other’s sins? no.
    When will I grasp that? not sure.
    But I do know that He is the perfect Judge and will do so in the end with perfect justice.
    I pray that until that day comes, I will take advantage of every situation around me to share His grace and mercy amongst the many sinners in need of His gift of love and salvation.

    If it weren’t for the straying husband on our block, my friend may not have seen a need for Jesus. If you precious Emma wasn’t born with FAS she may not have found her way into that orphanage, and consequently not found her way into your hearts where you will lead her to her Savior.

    Yes, I’m angry with you…but I’m asking God to give me an eternal perspective to see the bigger plan. This just might squelch my anger toward my neighbor’s husband. I broken marriage is awful, but a new soul in the kingdom is worth rejoicing over! A discarded precious little one is unthinkable, but a thriving little girl in an environment where her soul will be claimed for His glory is worthy of praise!

    love you guys…

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