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Help Get this Family HOME!

Our friends Betty and Brion Kallinen have adopted 3 beautiful girls from Haiti. This precious family is part of IHOP here in Kansas City. This has been a two year process and the family, with unexpected delays and expenses along the way. Finally the girls adoption has been completed, they have visas and are ready to travel. The only thing hindering now, is that they have spent every penny that they have and are $2000 short to purchase plane tickets to get home. If you would like to help please use the PAY PAL link in my side bar and clearly mark your donation as “Kallinen Adoption.”

I am fully confident that we can raise this money in a few days, so that the can purchase plan tickets and get these girls home. And I am shamelessly asking you to help. Let’s do James 1:27 today!




8 thoughts on “Help Get this Family HOME!

  1. $1000 is on it’s way! I pray that just as in the natural these 3 children will experience change, let also Haiti have a change in the Spirit, I pray Haiti to be Holy and set apart for God! Let every stronghold be brought down and let Christ be lifted up!

  2. Funds are coming in fast!!! You guys are awesome. Update on the total later today! Anything above 2K will be given to the family for additional travel expenses and to get things that the girls will need (clothing, shoes, coats, etc).

    I love watching the body of Christ at work. Just transferred $1200 to my checking account. Waiting for other donations to clear… Looks like we’re gonna do it folks!!!

    I will write one check to the Kallinen’s as soon as the funds hit my checking account!

  3. Hi Tracy! Sent $$ to honor my sweet husband, born 55 years ago today! (55 – Grace! Grace!) Best present I could think to give him, according to J127

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