Orphan Sunday- National Adoption Month

Today is Orphan Sunday. Churches all over the US are raising awareness of the many ways we can begin to walk out James 1:27 more effectively as the body of Christ. In addition November is National Adoption Month. Adoption is one of the primary ways that we can all answer the call to care for the orphan!

Today I look at three little ones who are no longer orphans. I marvel at the Love of the Father who reached down from on high, rescued them, and positioned them in a place for their destinies to be restored- all because He delights in them. (Psalm 18)


Elia Jane dropped into our lives and melted our hearts at one glance- March 7, 2007. She opened our hearts and set us on a course to understanding the Father’s heart. Through her life we began to be captivated by the spirit of adoption.


And remember this! Just 9 months ago we met these two little darlin’s. The Father went to great lengths to bring these two into our family. When we first set eyes on Aiden’s photograph in August of 2008, we had no idea all that the Lord had in store for our family. These precious beauties have captured our hearts and taken us even deeper into the knowledge of the Fathers unconditional relentless love for His children. Oh that we could fully understand the height, the width and the depth of His love!

If you’re interested in participating in Orphan Sunday, please tune in today at 4PM. LIVE FROM NASHVILLE to participate!


SCC Invities You to Join in on Orphan Sunday from Show Hope on Vimeo.


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