Parent Teacher Conferences

Yesterday Aiden and Emma had their first parent/teacher conferences. Both of their teachers, along with a student teacher, came to the house to do an in home conference, an option we thought was a great idea! Aiden and Emma were so excited all morning. Good thing the visit was at 9AM. Not sure we could have contained the excitement much longer than that, or kept the house somewhat clean and disaster free!




Emma and her teacher Ms. Robyn working on some fine motor skills.


Ms. Emily pretty much is head over heals in love with Aiden.


Aiden and Elia working together to clean up after our fun filled conference. Both teachers are just amazed at the progress of the children just since school has started. We were blessed to have a minute to show them a 4 min DVD of our trip to Ukraine. There were some pretty leaky eyes in the house!



3 thoughts on “Parent Teacher Conferences

  1. Who knew that a parent/teacher conference could be this fun? Such progress! See what love can do! : )

    Praying re: Silas’ surgery. How is Aunt Lois doing?

  2. I know how Ms. Emily feels and I’ve never actually met Aiden in person. Something about him just draws me đŸ™‚ There all actually pretty cute. Looked like a good time!

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