Very Special Visitors

We have had the honor of maintaining a relationship with Elia’s biological family over the past two years, but TODAY we were blessed with a special visit by Elia’s grandparents, Grandma NeNe and Grandpa Wyett.


Elia connected immediately to them, as did the rest of the crew!





When we started our first adoption, we really were not open to having an “open adoption.” We had no grid for it, and it seemed scarey. Elia’s birthmom had requested to meet us and then did not want an ongoing relationship with us. Seemed fine to us. Then we met. We clicked. We felt like sisters. We had a long talk before we left the hospital and decided we weren’t going to force anything, but we would stay in touch via phone and email, and just see what God had for our relationship.

For the past 2 1/2 years we have corresponded. We have email back and forth tons of times, sent photos, and shared our hearts about Elia’s adoption. We have talked on the phone from time to time. She even called me last year to announce that she and her husband were expecting a child. I have also stayed in close contact with Elia’s grandmother, Grandma NeNe.

So when Grandma NeNe called last week and said they would be just a few hours away this weekend, and wondered if we would be open to a visit, we gave her a big, loud YES!  We had a great visit for 3 hours this afternoon. They have always embraced our whole family. We were able to share about Emma and Aiden’s adoption, and they were so supportive and so loving towards them too.

God has blessed us so much with Elia’s birth family. Wyatt was adopted at birth. When he married Renee, a single mom with two toddlers, he adopted her girls. The decision to place Elia for adoption was a family decision. One they did not take lightly, one that involved a lot of prayer. We believe that God brought us all together for Elia because of His great love for her! And we believe He did a very good thing.

Here’s  LETTER FROM HEATHER (Elia’s birthmom) from an older post that I thought some of you new readers might like to see.


One thought on “Very Special Visitors

  1. How very special for them and Elia and you all. What a special blessing from the Lord. I am so proud of you guys. God has used you all in this situation way beyond you could ever imagine. The results of your obedience is far reaching for the Kingdom. Love you all so much.

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