Just Another Thursday Night

It was a quiet evening at the Loux home last night. And if you buy that, you’re more gullible that I thought!

We had company for dinner. The kind of company that I had only met once for 5 minutes. The kind of company that has you thinking, “Oh my gosh, this could go really bad and they could quite possibly not like us when the evening is over.” There are a lot of us, and three of us are busy, little, and unpredictable.

We had a great dinner accompanied by violent outbursts from Aiden and high pitched shrill shreiking from Elia as she expressed her irritation with Aiden. Aiden was just not himself. He’s either really on or really off. And Aiden was in rare grumpy, mean form. Very sad considering our little man is normally a comedic charmer.

I don’t remember dinner but it was far from your “sit and chat leisurely at the dining room table” kind of dinner. Dinner ended, and John and I put the three grouchy toddlers in bed, while our NEW friends totally cleaned up the kitchen. These are the kind of people we plan to keep around for a very long time. Anyone who can step into our madness and go with the flow is a keeper.

After multiple trips up and down the stairs for binkies, sippy cups, and extra kisses, we finally all cozy up for some “getting to know you, getting to know all about you” kind of conversation. A few moments later,  Elia calls out rather loudly and dramatically for Daddy to come.  John heads up the stairs and response back rather loudly, “Oh NO, I DO NOT believe it.”

I dart up the stairs and Alice says, “We brought our ponchos!” This only after she had been warned on Facebook by our dear friend Marcus Smith, to be prepared for flying poop. You got it. Aiden was emptying his diaper. Good news though. Elia had tattled in time to prevent some serious damage.

Mess cleaned up. Messy boy cleaned up. Meaningful conversation could now officiall begin.

We spent the next few hours getting to know some amazing new friends Joshua and Alice Scott and their daughter, Emma (almost 2).  It was one of those beautiful, “God is really in this,” kind of evenings.

The toddlers now sound asleep, we gradually moved to the lower levels of the house. The family room for some drama “show and tell,” and then to the basement to look at Nick’s photography and some videos the kids had done.

At that point the smoke detector started blarring! Everyone did that freeze for a mili-second and then blolt maneuver so common in the midst of disaster. Isabelle, Taylor and I got to the top of the family room stairs and saw smoke. I screamed out for help, and darted around the corner into the kitchen only to see my entire dining room centerpiece in flames leaping about 2 feet up off the table. Apparently the candles that I had forgotten to blow out had burned down and caught the rest of the centerpiece on fire. We were minutes from having the table runner catch on fire which would have been bad news. Really bad new. I don’t know enough about fire to know how much time we would have had til it would have been too late for that corner of the house, but I don’t think it was much.

I grabbed a kitchen towel, threw it over the fire, and then wrapped the table runner around the whole thing. It was out in seconds.  The living room, kitchen, and dining room were FULL of smoke. John and Josh got the smoldering mess out of the house and got the doors and window open.

Nick said at one point, “We’re just making memories!’

But here’s the bottom line, I had just put a new battery in the smoke detector a few months back when we remodeled the family room. I remember doing it, but it is honestly something I have never been really good at. It just happened that it was down after painting the ceiling and I checked it.  That little $10 plastic smoke detector saved our home last night, and possibly our toddler’s lives. I don’t know how long it would have been until we smelled the smoke in the basement or until one of us went upstairs for something. But smoke rises. And at the top of our short flight of living room stairs are three precious toddlers.

November 1st is the time change for daylight savings time. That’s when they encourage us to all “Change our clocks, change our batteries.” In 20 years I have never paid much attention to that. Yesterday was my wake up call. I urge you change your batteries, and if you don’t have smoke detectors, GET THEM NOW!

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13 thoughts on “Just Another Thursday Night

  1. Oh wow! I’m so glad God was watching out for you! Now I’m off to check our smoke detectors, which we haven’t checked since the inspection before we moved in…

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! We just put all new smoke detectors in. I’m so glad we did! Praise God you’d just put new batteries in yours too! WOW! As for the poop. Is it hot where you live? Do you have sleeper pajamas? Cut the feet off, and put the pj’s backward so they zip up the back. He won’t be able to get to his diaper AT ALL! Here in MN, where the nights are very cold, they come in big sizes all the way to adult! If you can’t find them where you are, let me know and I will send you some!

  3. Have you tried onesies for Aiden when he goes to bed? Caleb was too big for them but I did find turtleneck long sleeve onesie style shirts through size 5 at Children’s Place and very inexpensive. Caleb did not do that at bedtime but if I didn’t notice he pooped during the day, then he would smear it on the TV! UGH! I thought he would never stop that, but he did. Hang in there!!

  4. Things to bring when visiting the Loux’s…
    1. Poncho(s)
    2. Latex Gloves
    3. Maybe just a complete change of clothes!
    4. Gas Mask(s)
    5. Ear Plugs
    6. Butterfly net for catching everything but butterflies!
    7. Purell Hand Sanitizer
    8. A good sense of humor

    That should about cover it!

  5. Wow!! Unbelievable. Thank you Jesus!!!!!! Makes you realize how quickly life can change.

    “Some memories”!

    Glad your all ok!!!

  6. Thank you for the reminder. One of our smoke detectors has been sitting on my dresser for months because I don’t have the right size battery for it. I’m going to the store asap to get it fixed. I’m so glad everything turned out well for you.

  7. I see someone beat me to it but the footed pj’s with the feet cut off and put on backwards works good.
    So happy you are all safe 🙂

  8. Hey Tracie~
    Wow…..so glad you are all okay! As for the amount of time you would have had, not much……. Unfortunately, I speak from experience…. from when we lost our home to a fire back in 1996…..By the time our neighbors noticed flames shooting out of out attic, and ran over to wake our entire sleeping family (beneath the flaming attic/roof)…. We barely had time to grab the kids and run out the door……
    We are FIRM BELIEVERS in safety precautions, and so thankful that you are all safe and sound!!!!!!!
    Much Love,
    Steve, Shelly & Kiddos

  9. What an evening!! Glad you’re all safe!! I’m reminded, once again, why we pray for you daily! By the way, what chapter in your soon-to-be published book, was that!!

    Love, Mom M.

  10. you don’t know me, but i’m shannon frost alice’s bff in jackson:) she almost caught my microwave on fire about 6 weeks ago at a pampered chef party…and it still smells like smoke when we use it…so i’m sure it was just another walk in the park for them:)

    hope to meet you someday–they really had a great time with you guys!

  11. LOVE the story and LOVE the Scotts! I am Alice and Shannon’s bff and was the guilty party who was left in charge of said microwave. I have no sense of smell, so I didn’t know it was smoking and about to catch on fire. This is a GREAT reminder to me to change those batteries, as I probably wouldn’t smell it until too late.

    Thanks to you for being such great friends to Josh and Alice! It is awesome to know that they will be so well-loved when they move there! 🙂

    Btw…I don’t know if Alice mentioned me, but I am the one who has 4 boys who is EXTREMELY interested in adoption. I have saved your page and will be reading up on your adoption stuff. I will definitely want to hook up with you sometime on this stuff. So exciting!!!!

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