School Days


Sneaky boy goes to school. That’s Aiden’s “Shhh we have a secret face!” and it’s usually about getting into the chocolate stash with Daddy. Can you believe the cuteness? Aiden is doing very well in school. We have his first conference in two weeks so we shall see! His teacher adores him, but also reports with a grin, “He’s a sneaky little guy!” Don’t we all know.


Emma off to school. She’s doing so well. Her teacher gives me beaming reports all the time. Much less anxiety at school and at home. Emma is so much more at ease and is discovering what it’s like to be a little girl. She is silly and playful. She is speaking so many new words. New ones EVERY DAY. So exciting!


Silly little LiLi. Not a “pre-school” day, but she was happy to say “Cheese” for the camera all the same. Elia goes to “pre-school” two days a week with one of my OJC staff, Lauren. They go to the resource room at Aiden and Emma’s school on Tuesday mornings, she has her own books in her backpack and feels like a real big girl. On Wednesday mornings, she and Lauren go to story/craft time at the local library.


2 thoughts on “School Days

  1. There is almost too much cuteness there for one family…Almost! đŸ˜‰ I have one thing to say…They are “too cool for school”! Haha…get it? Sorry I’m in a funny mood! lol

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