It’s OK to Laugh

*Read at your own risk. Some of the content of this post may not be appropriate for readers who are eating, who have naturally weak stomachs, or a general low tolerance for grossness.

We often post videos on Facebook, simply because it’s so much easier than posting them here on the blog. In the comments we get, it seems like people feel bad when they laugh at the antics that occur in our home. It’s OK to laugh, REALLY. It’s OK. We laugh. Laughter keeps us going.

So here’s what happened last night. I had taco meat cooking on the stove, John had just finished a guitar lesson and came up to the kitchen chat for a few seconds before the dinner whoopla began. Nick was in the basement working on music. Taylor was on the couch, poor kid now has HFMD. Isabelle was at the Prayer Room. And 60 seconds into our meaningfuly grownup conversation, we realized that it was very quiet in the house. Too quiet. Way too quiet for a house containing THREE TODDLERS.

Missing Toddlers! We hunted in all the usual place and finally found them in our master bathroom with the door closed. The sounds coming from behind that door were delightful giggles. If they had been in the playroom making those sounds, it would have been wonderful. We would have thought, “Awww, look how nicely they are playing together.” But behind the closed bathroom door….

We opened the door to find all three of the toddlers plastering each others heads with hair goop, you know the pastey gooey hair products that Mr. Loux and I use to keep our hair from looking middle-aged. Stuff like this makes us laugh. I know we should be firm and correct this naughty behavior. But we kind of get caught in the drama zone and do whatever it takes to survive. So we laughed and scooped them all up to give them a much needed scrub down.

We got them into the tub and the real drama began. Emma vomitted all over Elia and Aiden in the bath tub filling the tub with nice chunks of the hair product that she had apparently consumed, along with some kiwi from lunch, and a few beads from Isabelles bead box. I grabbed Emma out of the tub, wrapped her in a towel, dumped the toy bucket and began catching puke. Mr. Loux did not freeze. He grabbed Aiden and Elia out of the puke infested tub and scurried them away to our stand up shower for a hose down.

Deep sigh. I’m catching puke and calling to poor, sick Taylor to bring me more towels. John meanwhile gets the shower going, while Aiden promply pees all over the bathroom floor. He tosses them in the shower and cleans that mess up.

Emma is having a total melt down. Scared to death about the ordeal. I’m using all my mom super powers and manage NOT to get sick myself. At this point, Tay calls out to me that the taco meat has burnt. Oops! I had forgotten I was making dinner. Nick rallies from the basement after poor, sick Taylor gives him what for. Right about then I hear John’s loud commentary from the other bathroom, “Oh darn, Aiden just pooped in our shower!”

John removed the pooper and Elia from the shower, drys them off. Nick attempts to salvage dinner. I get Emma diapered and jammied up. Aiden and Elia run around naked and Aiden pukes in the hall on the freshly shampooed carpet. Dark oranage puke colored by the medication that he is on. Nice.

We get everyone in their jammies, feed them dinner and put them to bed. All in a days work. So you can laugh if you want. You can feel bad for us if you want. The bottom line is live with three active toddlers is full of excitement. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though. I would gladly endure the poop, the pee, the vomit and all, if it means that I get the reward of being snuggled and loved on by these wonder kids every day. And who knows maybe one day I’ll make some money off of all these adventures!

If you want to view the video version of this blogpost skip on over the facebook.


Love The Loux Family


4 thoughts on “It’s OK to Laugh

  1. So THIS is what PURE religion is all about! You guys are amazing and I love to read your stories!

  2. I laughed so hard I cried. Does that count for both sides of the emotional coin. Tracie the Lord blessed you and John we great humor so that you could prevail in this season of life. I love you guys!!!!

  3. Oh my!

    Another good reason to have Clorox on hand at all times đŸ˜‰
    Oh for the love of bleach.

    I don’t have a facebook account- but I am sure the video must be wetyourpants funny.

    Enjoy your brood.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  4. I am glad to know that I am not the only one to have moments like that! I had to laugh đŸ™‚ Although I know in the moment it is hard to see the humor.

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