Whewww! The Wait is Over

Go figure. The Lord, full of mercy and rich in love, had Dr. Daniel call me at 9:36AM. Only 17 hours and 10 minutes of waiting if you include the time I was sleeping.

My dad called mid way through the phone call with Dr. Daniel. Yes, he does stalk my blog.  I had only posted my “Waiting” post a few minutes before the phone call from Dr. Daniel.  My dad being the genius that he was ASSUMED I was talking to Dr. Daniel since I didn’t pick up the phone on the first ring as indicated. I did call him back.

I digress. Dr. Daniel explained that Emma’s chromosome tests were NORMAL and that the DNA test for FragileX was NEGATIVE (negative is good in the medical world). She went on to explain that a new form of genetic testing called Genomic Micro Array was also completed, and that an anomoly was detected in CHROMOSOME 12 . Emma apparently has a 3rd copy  of that particular gene on the long arm of chromosome 12, instead of just 2.

Cool huh? And it means absolutely nothing. Since Genomic Mirco Array testing is so new. Many of the anomalies that are detected have never been detected before. So basically Emma has an UNKNOWN GENETIC IMBALANCE.

I love Dr. Daniel. Her response: “This does not change who Emma is. It is just information to tuck away for the future. Years from now they may have more information on what this means. And if she should ever decide to have children she will need to know this. But we can tuck it away for the next 20 years.”

Now my dad on the other hand, when given this information will attempt to turn himself into a Genetic Specialist, just because he can. He’s nosey that way, just like me. And doesn’t like to WAIT any more than I do. It’s all in the GENES! I love you Dad.


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