Ask anyone who knows me, I’m just not good at waiting. I like to know things. I like to get things done. I don’t like being at the mercy of someone else. Waiting.

As of 4:51PM last night, I have been waiting. Waiting for a return call from Dr. Daniel, the Behavioral and Developmental MD at Children’s Mercy. She had the nerve to call me yesterday while I was in an adoption meeting and had my phone off. Then she had the nerve to leave one of those messages that said, “Please return my call. The results of Emma’s blood work have come back and I would like to discuss them with you.” Click.

What on earth? Doesn’t she know me. Doesn’t she know that when I called her back at 4:51PM after her 4:26PM phone call that I needed her to be there. Doesn’t how I about flipped my lid when after being put on hold for her nurse, the phone suddenly went to voice mail and the office was officially closed. Who closes and office with someone on HOLD? Apparently someone who does not know the affect it might have on ME!

So it’s 9:25AM. I called the office promptly at 9:00AM to leave yet another message that I have glued my phone to my hip and that I will indeed answer the phone on the first ring all day.

In the mean time, you could pray that I don’t do something maniacal like drive to the office and demand to see Dr. Daniel in person. She is afterall a very fine lady, and a doctor I highly respect. I’d like for her to continue thinking that I am a sane person.


4 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. I just don’t know where you get that type of personality. Do you have any idea? Hey, we both have to understand that its going to be alright. God is in control. I’ll remind you…you remind me. I love you! Dad

  2. I hate waiting for results. It took three weeks to get the bloodwork results back when we were doing chromosomal testing for Brianna. That entire time we were researching and praying and felt up against a wall with the diagnosis we thought she would be receiving. Satan brought out the big guns. Then when we got the call that wasn’t “we’d like to talk with you” but… “Please come into the office now, we’ll see you during lunch hour” we were sure this was it. But little did we know that God would bring a DIFFERENT diagnosis– one that when we received it we said “just Down syndrome??” and we were overcome with relief and joy đŸ™‚ Praying for you all and Emma… I hope your news brings relief and joy!! After all, seeing Joy in all things might not be easy, but God’s bigger than we think! Yep, even in our struggles

  3. i just wanna say i know the exact feeling WAY to well! its worse when they call at 4:30 on a friday and you have to wait ALL weekend.. talk about touchier..

  4. Wow, you kinda wish doctors thought some of this through, you know? I’ve been through those ominous doctor calls, and it stinks. My last one was after an annual physical and I got a phone message that said I needed to call and get an appointment because the doctor wanted to talk to me about what the tests had found. After a sleepless night, I was able to get in to see the doctor the next day. It ended up she’s just very thorough and wanted to show me the results of all the tests so I would know how healthy I was. That would have been nice to know in the phone message!

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