Sick Boy


This is what our little punkin looks like when he’s sick. Aiden has HFMD (Hand Foot and Mouth Disease). I’d like to say he caught it from some kiddo at school, but if I’m honest with myself, he probably came by it naturally, considereing he puts dirt in his mouth and HE PLAYS WITH HIS POOP!!!! Honestly! What’s a mom supposed to do!

So he’s got a high fever and ulcers in his throat. Ouch! He basically slept all day yesterday. I finally took him to the doctors office- where I spent two hours praying a bubble around us because of all the other sick little people. He does not have the flu, so that’s something to be glad about.  Hey remember the GLAD GAME that Pollyanna played. Maybe we should play the GLAD GAME.

I’m glad Aiden doesn’t have the flu.

I’m glad Aiden is drinking a ton.

I’m glad Aiden is resting soundly.

I’m glad that when Elia used about 1/4 cup of hair goop this morning in her hair that it washed out and I’m glad that she left enough to last John a few days til I get to the store for some more.

I’m glad Emma is not sick and is happily off to school this morning.

I’m glad Nick is home safely from his trip.

I’m glad I don’t feel as bad as I look today.

I’m glad to know that you’ll all be praying for Aiden.

And I’m glad our precious boy is sleeping here in our home where he is totally and completely adored.


6 thoughts on “Sick Boy

  1. Oh Tracie!!! 😦 We had that last year – it’s SOOOOOO contagious – be cautious with your girls!!! It’s AWFUL!!!!

    I will pray for ALL you, friend!!!

    Lord, have mercy on little Aiden’s body! Heal him quickly, we pray!! Lord, protect the rest of the family from this, please! Have mercy on this precious family, for the glory of your name and their joy!!!

    with love,

  2. Poor little guy! Every time I see pictures of Aiden and Emma I think about what their lives would be like if it weren’t for your family. God has been so good to them. Praying! : )

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