Last Night’s “Toddler Bedtime Drama” brought to you by Vicks Vapor Rub

Last night after being fed, bathed, and jammied. Elia and Aiden disappeared for 3 minutes total while I was getting Emma tucked in bed. When I realized they were “missing,” I sent Isabelle to find them. She did. Right next to my bed styling each other’s hair with Vicks. Aiden got the worst of it. Gobs and gobs of gooey Vicks. The pictures below are AFTER I had wiped it out with a towel and washed it once with dishsoap to cut the grease.


So ashamed of himself apparently. Or else the vapors were getting to his eyes.


His nose was runny. His eyes were watery. And since he was a little boy already in need of a hair cut, I cut it super short and gave him another bath. You would have thought he had nerves in his hair folicles the way that kid screamed over a hair cut!


Elia post-2nd-bath, with her greasy locks.  Quite pleased with herself apparently.

I should note that the only reason Emma didn’t join in the drama is that she had no idea she was missing out. That is until 2nd bath time. At that point she was weeping and wailing because she could hear the drama unfold and wasn’t allowed out of bed.

As of today. Aiden’s very short hair cut just looks like I put hair gel in it, and Elia’s hair had to go in pig tails. Prior to pig tails, she looked like she was ready to try out for a role in “Braveheart” as young William Wallace’s little girl friend.


4 thoughts on “Last Night’s “Toddler Bedtime Drama” brought to you by Vicks Vapor Rub

  1. Oh wow. That’s…adorable. At least with boys you can buzz the hair off and call it a day. Sort of? Pigtails were a good solution.

    I am thinking of buying you a gun storage locker to put your skin creams, vicks, and vaseline into. Merry Christmas!

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