We Did Not Fall Off the Deep End

My dad kindly reminded me that it has been a long while since I’ve updated the blog, and pointed out that he checks at least twice a day for updates.  Man have I been wasting his time. Sorry Mom and Dad!

We are still here, all 8 of us.


Aiden a couple days after surgery, trying his best to eat some jello. The poor little guy has had a rough time. He does not like pain, and he loves to eat. What a sad combination.  He returned to school today and did well, but he was really ready for his nap after lunch.


Emma is doing so well. I got a really great letter from her teacher today! She is so excited to see Emma’s progress already this year.  This is Emma’s favorite place to hang out when I’m in the kitchen. We had our appointment with the Development/Behavioral Clinic, and they basically told me that we’re doing a great job and to keep doing what we’re doing. Goes to show what a great teacher the Holy Spirit is. I’ll take His perfect leadership and instruction over a PhD anyday.


Elia Finger Painting. The neat little all one colored circles didn’t last for long!


Emma was a little worried about having her hands so messy. I had to convince her it was really ok!


Aiden didn’t need any convincing.


Isn’t this just the sweetest. John was busy preparing for his classes, and Emma just wanted to be with him. She sat there for a long time just hanging out with dad, writing some chord charts of her own.

And for the record, yes I did do finger painting with three toddlers and not a single other person around to help out. I’m just that crazy.


2 thoughts on “We Did Not Fall Off the Deep End

  1. Now we’re talking! This is more like it! Pictures are great, and make us feel more like we are there. Love, Mom and Dad

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