Focus, Focus, Focus

This is a time of shifting for us as a family. Emma and Aiden have really acclimated to our family and our adjustment season with them is feeling nearly complete. We’re kind of in our groove when it comes to being a family of 8 now. But it seems like just when you get adjusted in one area, it’s time for some others to shift a bit. In the midst of focusing on Aiden and Emma’s adoption, and the major adjustment of bringing them into our family, a lot of other things have become out of focus or left out altogether. We were really feeling it in so many areas, and it was time some major refocusing.

John has started teaching guitar from home part time to help make ends meet. Raising support as missionaries here at the International House of Prayer is not an easy thing. We know God has called us here, we know we are in the center of His plan for our lives, but we have had to make some adjustmenst with the growing size of our family.

John is an incredible teacher! he has a few private students and has just started a guitar clinic that runs eight weeks with 4 students. We’re really praying for expansion in this area because it fits in so perfectly with what John is doing here and where his passions are.

I am home schooling the three older kids this year. We’re in the midst of nailing down our schedules this week. Hard work, but in the end will be so rewarding. I’m also continuing to do adoption consulting and am so blessed by the families that the Lord is sending my way to work with on their adoptions.

Emma and Aiden have pre-school Monday-Thursdays from 8:30-11:30. That gives me an incredibly uninterupted chunk of time to home school the teenagers!  One of our OJC (Orphan Justice Center) staff, Meagan, comes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to do “pre-school” with Elia. Tuesdays they actually go to this really awesome resource room at Aiden and Emma’s school that’s open to the community. It’s full of great educational toys, games, puzzles and so forth. There’s an art table with art supplies and a comupter with educational games. She loves going and it helps her feel like she gets to go to school to. After their school time Elia and Meagan go to the Malachi Prayer Meeting (a prayer meeting geared for children here at IHOP). Thursdays is story hour at the library. Elia and Meagan pack up her little backpack with all her “school books” and work at the library, pick out new books and participate in story hour.

Nick is diligently working to develop his skills as a photographer, and has been really busy writing music. He’s also going to start drumming on a new worship team at the JPR (Justice Prayer Room). He’ll have 4 sets with that team which involved about 10 hours a week.

Taylor is working hard on re-writing and doing new illustrations for his first book, “Benj.” We are hoping to find an inexpensive yet good quality way to get it published. Any ideas? The story is a wonderful adoption story, and the illustrations are incredible.

Isabelle will still be serving as a prayer leader at the Malachi Prayer Meeting on Tuesdays, dancing on the dance team at IHOP in the Prayer Room on Fridays, and singing on the worship team Sunday mornings.  She will also be serving on the Sunday morning leadership team and the leadership team for the Samuel Company on Tuesday nights. Can you tell who’s the social butterfly in our family? Don’t you love it though that all of her “socializing” is really just ministry to the Lord!

So we welcome all the shifting because we know that refocusing is so good for our hearts. We even had a  big family meeting last night to restructure and bring more focus to our evening time as well. We’ve always been fans of Mike Bickle’s teaching “The Power of a Focused Life,” and have been reminded of how much more fullfilled we feel when we are focusing our lives on what really matters.


5 thoughts on “Focus, Focus, Focus

  1. WOW-ya’all are BUSSSYYYY!!! HUGS! Can’t wait to get Nick HERE to photograph us sometime! Nick is off the ENTIRE month of Oct-get your buns up here 🙂 And bring the guitar John. Wyatt is BATS about the GEEETAR!

  2. I was thinking of lulu.com for Taylor’s book too or another one to try is blurb.com…I guess it just depends what features each site has that would work best!

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