Kids are BOTH Home Safe and Sound

The surgeries went just fine today. The longest part was actually dealing with the wait before the kids actually went in and trying to entertain them in their little gowns on those gurnies without breakfast!

Aiden went back first mostly because he was so cranky from lack of breakfast. He was so mad he actually bit John twice and drew blood one of those times.  We finally said, either take him back or knock him out (just kidding, sort of).  Emma went back after Aiden was in recovery. Her procedure was about 10 minutes and we were called back about 15 minutes after that. Just as we were giving Emma loves and checking on her, they told us that Aiden was waking up from his recovery room time.

So John stayed with Emma and I left to go with Aiden to his room, since he was actually getting a room. After Emma was discharged, John, Isabelle, and Emma came up to Aiden’s room to see him. Aiden was pretty groggy but was happy to see them.

John took Emma home for lunch and a nap. Isabelle stayed on to help out with Aiden and spend most her time helping me get him to drink or curled up in bed holding him.  We were so blessed that they decided to let us go home in the afternoon. Aiden had met all the critera for discharge so by 2:30PM, we were headed home. Picked up prescriptions, popcicles and jello and headed home.

Unlike most kiddos, Aiden hates anything too cold. He actually ate a cereal bar, a pudding, and a jello for dinner, but wouldn’t touch a popcicle. Go figure!  Hurts my throat just thinking about it.

Gotta go snuggle my boy! Thanks for the prayers.


5 thoughts on “Kids are BOTH Home Safe and Sound

  1. Funny or not. My son had his Tonsills out at around 3 1/2 or so and he was eating a corn dog with in 3 hours of surgery.

    My roommate also had hers out as a adult and I think it was like 3 months or better before she drank anything cold evrything had to be room temp.

    I think the thing of you can eat as much ice cream as you want is kind of wrong.

  2. So glad that it’s over for both and in a couple weeks the good result will have made it all worth it for Aiden. I recall the 10 day mark being a factor when Jason had his tonsils out too. Love you guys! Feel free to post some pics of snuggling that sweet boy of yours!

  3. He never ceases to amaze me! I guess that medicine wasn’t hurting his throat, he just didn’t like it! 🙂 You didn’t tell me he hit John and drew blood! Remind me never to skip a meal with him…actually I don’t think you’ll have to, he wouldn’t let me forget! I actually thought about that yesterday morning. I wondered if they had to go with nothing on there stomachs and was wondering how well Aiden was going to handle that. I should have prayed and not just wondered! lol But I am glad they came through with no complications! They’re both troopers!

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