Aiden and Emma both have surgery at Children’s Mercy Hospital tomorrow, so please keep us in prayer. Emma will have tubes put in both ears, a relatively simple procedure and will go home within a few hours. Aiden is having his tonsils and adenoids removed and will spend the night in the hospital.

Emma will be able to return to school the next day from what I understand, but Aiden will be out of school for a while (a week or two I think).

Sorry I’ve been such a slacker on blogging these days. Life’s been a bit busy.  If you’re not following us on facebook, please do, I’m pretty good at posting one liners from time to time.  Life is far from dull in this house.


5 thoughts on “Surgeries

  1. Praying all goes smoothly for everyone! You never know with tonsils how a child will react, but tubes are pretty easy. All of mine have bounced back in a matter of hours. Brianna had adenoids and tubes and it was about 2 weeks before she was really 100%… but she was “ok” in the healing time… My Emma took about 2 weeks when she had adenoids, tubes, and tonsils too. Some kids it’s just a few days and they are up and going. The 10 day mark seems to be pretty tough tho. Praying!

  2. Hi Tracy, I met you back in July at Childrens Mercy Clinic. Both my girls just went through having there tonsils and adnoids out so now I know what you have been through. Here is hoping that both of your little ones are much better by now.

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