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I’m on a Treasure Hunt

I have always thought I was a pretty good mom, and back in my teaching days I considered myself a pretty good teacher.  I love kids. I know I’m not a perfect mom, but I really believed that I would just know what to do with these two little munchkins when they came into my home. I figured I’d love on them and they’d love me and we’d all be just fine.

I was kind of ignorant. I still think I’m a pretty good mom, but I really need help and I have a lot to learn. I am in the midst of a treasure hunt right now. I am digging and reading and asking the Lord to give me wisdom on how to walk my children through their healing. I am convinced that I will find buried treasure, and I’m convinced that my children will thrive and grow and heal because of it. 

Here’s my current resource list:

1. My Heavenly Father- after all He created my children, He knew them before they were born, every day of their lives took place under His watchful eye. He created me and He knew one day I would be their mother. He has a plan, and I fully believe He will reveal it to me.

2. Other Adoptive Families– I treasure every connection I have with other adoptive families. I have learned so much by talking with others about their experience or reading about their experiences. A special thank you to all my blogger friends who are walking this road with us.

3. Medical Professionals– We are blessed to live near an amazing children’s medical facility, and I am excited that we will be able to connect with specialists dealing with behavioral/developmental issues, especially related to adopted children. We hope that appointment will be soon.

4. Adoption Professionals– I am REALLY excited today that I was directed to a website dealing specifically with adoption and connection. I am going to devour every single resource on this site and I have such hope for what I can learn from it. 

If you  interested in checking it out. The website is called Empowered To Connect 

I will be sharing much more on this over time. But I was really excited to share this link with you today. Whether you’re an adoptive parent or grandparent, whether you work with children who have been adopted in your Sunday School or in your work, PLEASE I encourage you to check this out. 


4 thoughts on “I’m on a Treasure Hunt

  1. I heard her speak at an orphan conference and her insight is amazing. I agree, every adoptive parent should pay attention to what she says! Thanks for posting this.

  2. Well, when I have kids, I hope that I can even come close to as good as you are at being a mom…you have a great family and I’ve learned lots watching you! Love you guys, Pam

  3. Wow! Your kids are growing so fast! I haven’t been here for a while… and Aidan is looking so grown up all of a sudden!

    thanks for the connection website. I will be checking it out. My girls aren’t home yet, but I tell myself they are closer everyday!

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