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Daddy’s Going on a Trip

John is leaving today for California to work on a live recording project with our friend Dave Fitzgerald. I have known Dave since the cradle, he and my brother were born a few months apart, and I later became one of his babysitters. After John and I married, we were involved with worship ministry and college ministry at our church. Dave and John led worship together, and Dave was part of our home Bible study during that time.  Dave has gone from being an annoying little kid to becoming a very dear friend of ours. So when Dave asked John to play on his album, we were honored.

So daddy leaves today! Deep sigh. Dave made sure I was covered here at home with help. He’s just that kind of guy!  So I’ll have my ususal OJC help in the mornings, and I’ll have additional help in the evenings from 3-7PM and on the weekend days as well. Having extra hands will really help, but I could really use your prayers all the same.

John is not one of those dad’s that works 9-5 and comes home waiting for dinner to be put on the table. He is an integral part of raising our children. He is amazing with the kids. I rely so much on his help with discipline and just knowing when I need a few minutes of breathing space. He is my best friend and we really are partners in this thing called parenthood.  I could not do what I do without his love, support, and active engagement in our children’s lives.  I am very very blessed.

John will be recording with Dave at Bill Johnson’s church in Redding, CA. I’m so excited to hear what comes out of this week.

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