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I Can Never Think of a Clever Title for Family Updates

Just as it seems like we’re adjusting to our schedule and to life as a family of EIGHT, the schedule will be shifting with the start of school. I’m actually hoping that we’ll feel even more comfortable in our schedule and have more focus as we move into fall.

At this point, I will continue to home school Nick and Taylor. If all goes well, and the Lord provides, Isabelle will be tutored each morning and will have the bulk of her work supervised by her tutor.  It appears that Emma and Aiden will qualify for special education services and will go to pre-school from 8:30-11:30 daily. They will receive all their necessary therapies at school, and we are very excited to see how they progress this year with this added to their schedules.  We will official get a IEP on each of them sometime in the next two weeks. I think school starts for them mid-late August. That will leave Elia home with Mom and the boys in the morning, what a shift!

The next few weeks I only have a couple of MD appointments. It feels like things are tapering off in that department. Emma is waiting an appointment with the Behavioral and Developmental Clinic. I have submitted paperwork and we are just waiting for them to schedule an appointment. We are eager to have some input into some of her behaviors and to gain some insight in how to help her with some of her emotional and behavior issues. The Lord has been our teacher, and continues to be. We trust Him ultimately to give us the keys to unlocking Emma’s heart, but we are glad for this additional resource.

Emma and Aiden both are schedule for surgeries on August 24th. Emma will have tubes in her ears. We hope that this will improve her hearing after her ears are able to drain properly.  This is a minor procedure and she will come home the same day. Aiden will have a T&A. We are hoping that he can eat more comfortable, breathe more comfortably and sleep with more ease, after his super enlarged tonsils are out.  He will stay over night, due to his DS diagnosis, just to make sure there aren’t any problems.

John is leaving on Sunday afternoon and will be gone for 8 days to play guitar for a recording project that our good friend Dave Fitzgerald is doing in Redding, CA. I’m so excited for them to have this time together, and for John to be part of this recording project.  John and Dave used to lead worship together, he has been a family friend since forever.

I will have extra help in his absence, but you can pray for me all the same. Any way you slice it, I don’t like it when John’s gone.

I promise to post pictures soon. There’s none on my computer, so I’ll have to go look through Nick’s photos and see what he’s take lately. It will be surprise to you and me both.


2 thoughts on “I Can Never Think of a Clever Title for Family Updates

  1. Thanks for the update, Trac! I’m so happy for John’s opportunity to record with Dave! Consider yourself covered with our prayers in his absence!!

    Love, Mom

  2. We just returned from Redding. Glad to get the update from ya’ll. Bless our dear friends the Loux’s.

    Marc and Sallie

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