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Exchange Rate

While we were in Ukraine we were very aware of the exchange rate and it’s impact on our finances. The typical exchange rate while we were there was  8 or 9 US dollars to 1 grivna. We were getting the way better end of the deal in a really suffering economy. Our average meal, eaten out at a restaurant averaged $8-$12 for both John and I.  Our cab rides daily to and from the orphanage were 10 grivna each way. You do that math, that’s under $1.50 for a cab ride! We paid $250/month for our furnished flat. Our local Ukrainian friends were appalled that we had to pay that much, and were convinced we were getting completely ripped off.  

In the midst of feeling very overwhelmed today with some difficult circumstances in our lives, I started to think about the Father’s exchange rate. He takes our sickness and disease and gives us health. He takes our sorrow and gives us joy. He gives us beauty for ashes. The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. He takes our weakness and gives us His strength. He takes our complete poverty and gives us His entire inheritance. He gave the pure and spotless life of His Son in exchange for our sinful lives. 

The rate of exchange is far from “fair.” We are getting a really good deal, one we don’t deserve. One that He gives simply because we are His children and He loves to care for us and loves to give to us extravagantly. 

Consider yourself loved today. Loved well by the Father. Loved with extravagance and no concern for fair exchange.


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