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Cherry Pickin’…. and Eatin’

I almost forgot to post these adorable cherry pickin’ pictures. On our last day in Michigan, John and my sister Tara took the kiddos cherry pickin’ so that I could pack up without a whirlwind beneath my feet. (That’s way different from “The Wind Beneath My Wings”, just for the record)










Anyone want to calculate the Pick to Eat ratio?

Thanks to my sis for getting these great shots!


3 thoughts on “Cherry Pickin’…. and Eatin’

  1. Beautiful “pics”!! I can almost feel the cool Mich. breeze when I look at those shots! Makes me wish I’d gone on that “outing” with the”gang”.

    Love, Mom M.

  2. Oh Yum. We don’t have such a picking place in our parts…so juicy and delicious…your kids I mean 😉 well, and the cherries too.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  3. That is my favorite fruit for kids to pick in Michigan! They are at eye level, no thorns, easy to grab and yummy for them to eat : ) I miss Northern Michigan and cherry picking, I hope they enjoyed it. We off to pick bluberries soon. Not near as much fun for the kids~

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