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Happy Birthday Emma!

Emma celebrated her 3rd birthday in Michigan. Her first birthday as our daughter! Most likely her first birthday celebration ever. I thought about the day she was born. I wondered what I was doing, what was I thinking about that day. I know that the Lord knew even then that one day Emma would be my daughter. I am certain He began preparing my heart to receive her as my own even then.

100_0460100_0463100_0466100_0468100_0484100_0491Emma’s response to her birthday was very emotional for me. When we gave her her “Birthday Strawberry Shortcake” and sang to her she held it so sweetly and rocked side to side as we sang. When the birthday song ended, she started “singing.” We all responded by singing it again to her. She was so delighted. 

And how about the gleeful expression after tasting it (picture above). Have you ever seen anyone more excited about Strawberry Shortcake!? 

She was so thrilled with her gifts and was so attentive to each one, so we decided to spread them out throughout the day and even into the next morning. 

Emma had an amazing time in Michigan. She loved the water, the playgrounds, the paddle boats… everything was a first, I had to keep reminding myself.  It was a good time for John and I too with her in the bonding process. Some things really settled in our hearts and in hers too I think over vacation. I think it was good for us to get away without any other responsibilities besides the children. It gave us time to just BE with them, and I think for Emma it caused something to shift in her heart towards us. 

Happy Birthday Emma Anasatasia. We’re glad you were born. We wish we could have been there to love you from day one, but the Father’s plan has always been to weave you into the fabric of our family. He was watching over you with love all the time, and He is rejoicing over you today as He watches you come alive in love!

100_0508Walking the beach at Lake Michigan on her birthday evening, July 9, 2009.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Emma!

  1. So glad we could celebrate Emma’s 1st b-day with you guys together. She has a very special place in our hearts. We love you Emma, you are a delight.
    Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Tara

  2. I had noticed in the first photos that you posted from Michigan what a difference there is in Emma. She almost looks like a different little girl that when I took photos of her not even a month ago. God is so good!

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