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Happy Birthday Nick

Nick celebrated his 17th birthday in Michigan. I am so grateful that this kid is my son. He blesses me everyday with his kindness, his wit, his love for the Lord, and his incredible creativity.  I’m so honored to be able to watch him grow into an amazing young man.

 Nick started out his morning with a birthday scavenger hunt put together by his aunts and his Mimaw.

100_0339John and I took him out for a great lunch at a cafe called “Moka.” We had amazing chicken sandwiches with artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, and basil pesto. 

Nick had a great time this year fishing with his Papa and Uncle Joe. It was so fun for me on his birthday eve to look out and see this scene.

100_0399Elia gave the birthday boy some good luvin’.


100_0422100_0408No Michigan birthday is complete without a cherry raspberry pie! 

Happy Birthday Nick!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nick

  1. Happy Birthday to Nick, the gifted photographer!!!!!! It looks like he had a yummy birthday pie : ) I agree, a summer Michigan Birthday party must include some form of Cherry pie ; )

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