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Happy Father’s Day John

To the Man of My Dreams,

I Love You.

Yesterday you declared that not only do I have your heart, but that I am your heart.

I tell you you are my very own. My heart is alive because of you.

06 18 09_9436 email

First time around, we did this.

06 18 09_9487 email

Second time around, we did this.

06 18 09_9526 email

You are an amazing father. You pour your very heart into your children. These three that we have said yes to, are so blessed to have YOU to love them. They are no longer fatherless. You have turned your heart to them, and they have given their hearts to you. What a wealthy man you are.

06 18 09_9536 email

There are now 6 who call you Daddy. Six who wake up every morning excited to see your face. Six who look to you to teach them, guide them, and encourage them. Six who will forever be blessed because you are a good father.

06 18 09_9698 crop email

I love you with all that I am.

Happy Father’s Day to my lover, my friend, my partner in this journey, and the father of our children.

Yours Always,


Photos courtesy of Dorean Beattie at


10 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day John

  1. Okay…first you make me cry. What a beautiful expression of love. Kind of makes the shirt I got Jeremy pail in comparison. Then I see a picture of your family, and I say, “Holy Crap, that is my sister with six kids”. Wow, you guys look great. Picture perfect family…right? Can’t wait to see you guys. – sis

  2. What an awesome family picture. God has truly blessed you and you are All a blessing.

  3. I’m just so proud of this whole family!! I’m at Mandy’s house right now and showing Misty and Mandy how beautiful you all are!! John, thank you for the example of the Father’s heart!! And thanks for making us laugh too!! We can’t wait to see you all very soon!!!

  4. Tracie!!!

    I love your photos…you look so beautiful. God certainly has given you a handsome Knight and beautiful princesses with dashing princes. You are all just fabulous.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

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