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Kiddo Update

1. Elia- she’s becoming a regular little chatter box these days. I swear she has a southern accent too. Must be here Louisiana roots. Her knees are covered with boo boos and her shins are in a constant state of black and blue, thus indicating her 2 year old business. ( I mean that to read Busy-Ness.)

2. Emma- will be 3 in a few weeks! WOW! We get to celebrate a birthday for her soon. All I can tell you is that people who met her when we first got home but haven’t seen her in weeks, are commenting on how changed she is. Someone said to us yesterday, “WOW, the darkness is gone.” I would describe it this way. It’s like she was in a cave and has finally gotten brave enough to come out into the light. Please keep praying for her. We know the Lord still has more to heal in her body, mind and spirit, but we are seeing changes and they are GOOD!  She sees a speech and hearing specialist tomorrow. I’m very excited about that. She also sees a dermatologist in a week or so for a skin condition on her face.

3. Aiden. Well Aiden is as Aiden does. He is total joy. He is all boy and he keep us laughing (and sometimes pulling our hair out!) He’s gotten picky about eating which is rather frustrating (anyone have any issues with that with DS kiddos or “just out of orphanage kiddos”- he was fine for the first few weeks, and then PICKY PICKY!)  But if I could package up his yumminess and send you all some I would. Aiden sees the Ear Nose and Throat specialist in a week or so.

4. Isabelle had a great time at camp in Mississippi. I got incredible reports back about her leadership abilities and the blessings she was to everyone there. She’s keeping us all laughing this summer with her incredible sense of humor. She is an amazing activities coordinator for the little ones.

5. Taylor has been my household project man this summer. He loves helping me organize and clean. Yesterday he scrubbed and polished all my kitchen cupboards because he wanted to and takes pride in a job well done.

6. Nick is continuing to pursue photography head on. He has also had a lot of opportunities musically this summer and will do being playing drums for a friend who is working on an album. He’s very excited about being part of that creative process.

OVERALL: we are regrouping as a family, setting some goals (personal and family oriented), and really huddling in to help each other meet those goals. As crazy as life is as a family of 8, I feel like we’re making progress. Our routines are becoming smoother and life is feeling a bit more sane.

BONDING: I will never leave you out of the loop over the bonding issue because I feel like it’s so important to talk about. I would never ever want anyone who is struggling to bond in adoption to feel alone. I would never want anyone who didn’t fall in love at first sight to think there is something wrong with them. We are making great strides forward. It’s a process of choosing to love, learning how to cultivate love, and pressing in even when it’s hard. John and I pray daily over this issue that God would align our hearts with His in regards to our children. We literally pray, “Father we ask that you would cause our hearts to come into agreement with yours in regards to (child’s name).” It’s nothing complicated or lengthy but we pray it every day and we are seeing results.


3 thoughts on “Kiddo Update

  1. Thanks for the update Tracey! It is exciting to hear about the progress you are making. I don’t have the same story but the Lord saw fit for me to have 2 sons & a daughter that were not physically mine when I married my husband. It was not an easy journey. They were older, the daughter wasn’t in the picture until she was a teenager. We threw the crew together and expected the Brady Bunch! That’s not what we got. We both professed the Lord and tried to the best of our ability to raise them right. We didnot have the support you have. There were days I wanted to throw the towel in and was encouraged by others to do so~friends & professionals alike but I couldn’t. As I type I believe it was the spirit of adoption that wouldn’t release me.) The boys, mine & his were 7, 5, 5 & 15 months (yep two 5 yr olds.) my husband had just gained custody of his two a few months before we met so for the first 5 yrs of our time together they lived with us. It was nonstop chaos most of the time. My husband, although not at the time, started working away from home a year into the relationship and that lasted the better part of 4 of those 5 yrs. I had full responsibility by myself for the 4 boys by myself during the week, I was 26 at that time. The first time I sent a child to school, I sent 3. Ah glory to God! It’s 20 yrs later now. Could I have done it better? Absolutely. Was it difficult to bond, most definitely. How have I come to love them? Crying out to the Lord for His heart for them. I still have to. About a month ago the oldest of the boys and I were talking and he released me from the mistakes I made with him. He said I don’t hold anything against you. I don’t regret how I was raised, it’s made me who I am today. If you knew the relationship he and I have had, that is a miracle from God alone as he was the one I battled the most. We are making progress. Please be encourage dear sister, you are doing a great job!

  2. Thanks for catching us up on each child! They are all so special and so unique!! I hope all your great writing becomes a book, soon! Many valuable lessons coming forth that would be a help to parents, young and old!!

    Love, Mom

    P.S. As I read about the kids, somehow my mind went to
    Charlotte’s Web. I thought about the words she spun
    above Wilbur’s pen “Some Pig”!! I visualized the words
    “Some Kid” above each bedroom door in your house!

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