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I affectionately call Aiden “my gross boy” from time to time. I’m worried that with his new English speaking skills he may mistake the meaning for something like “cool” or “awesome.” I can just picture him saying to one of his buddies in kindergarten, “You’re so GROSS,” and getting in all kinds of trouble. I can hear him explaining to the teacher, “But my mom says I’m her “gross bo”y and she LOVES me very much!”

Aiden’s grosser moments include scooping poop out of his diaper and greeting us with poop covered hands in the morning, or as of yesterday smearing poop all over John’s laptop, or scooping up dirt and eating it. He’s also fond of licking things. He eats lotion. He is a messy eater. He’s a all around gross boy.

This morning however the girls get the G.R.O.S.S. award (Girls Really Outgross their Stinky Sibling).

We had finished breakfast, cleaned up from that mess, and I had the toddlers situated in the play room with a video. John headed to the shower. The toddlers were playing together so nicely! I decide to grab my cup of coffee and sit in the livingroom within ear shot and easy glance of the family room.  I checked on them multiple times in the course of 30 minutes. Probably ever 5 minutes or so.  I was really feeling quite happy that they were actually playing together without someone in the room supervising.  It was a happy 28 minutes.

At the 28 minute mark I noted that Emma was laughing hysterically. My first thought was, “Wow, she’s come so far. I’m so happy to hear those sounds and that she is experiencing such vivid emotions!” My second thought at the 29 minute mark, was “Hmmm, what is she laughing at so hysterically.”

I peek around the corner to see her taunting Aiden with a BALL OF POOOOOOP! I kid you not she and Elia were butt naked and there were POOOOOP BALLS everywhere. After I screamed for John to come and bring a plastic bag. I grabbed the baby wipes, wiped some hands and hineys, and then begans scoping out the scene.


1. Scattered across the carpet

2. Under the  couch

3. In the doll house

4. On the coffee table

So for today the girls get the G.R.O.S.S award. Aiden has managed to remain poop free so far today. Oh, but he hasn’t actually pooped yet today, so we’ve yet to see what the day will hold.


16 thoughts on “G.R.O.S.S.

  1. Ummmmm…. Hmmmmmm… That’s all I can say. Oh, except, they are so darn cute! Gross, but cute. They were surely paying him back fro something. 🙂

  2. Caleb went through a stage where if you didn’t catch him as soon as he pooped, he would put his hand in his diaper too.:( Favorite place to wipe poop? On the TV screen!!!!! Talk about Gross!

  3. Oh Tracie, THANK YOU for that belly laugh… I mean… I’m sure it’s not funny in the moment… but… wow, I guess the stuff they warned us about in the fostering classes does happen. Still chuckling though 🙂 … blessings and grace to you guys. K. Carlson

  4. Richy would have definitely started gagging and made himself pass out. This is a HORRIFYING story. Why, why are kids so gross? (asks the woman whose daughter LICKED the plunger)

  5. I love you so much…and am positive I would NOT have been so calm as you seem…I tried not to laugh as I read, but am very visual. You are certainly building family memories together…GOD BLESS YOU EVERY ONE!

  6. Dear All,
    Please do not feel bad about laughing! I laughed through the whole event, between loud yelps of GROSSS!!!! I literally peed my pants I was laughing so hard. I’m sure you all wanted to know that!


  7. Wow, poop is such an amazing thing when you are a kid. It has texture, it smells funny, and it sticks to things. I baby sat an autistic boy that loved to play in his poop. You are amazing for sure Tracie. To bad you don’t have a goat… goats will eat poop. You could just let it go in your house and it would find all the little poop balls and misc. things that the kids have spilled or left for dead and eat them right up. Like a live in maid. 🙂 Just a thought.

  8. Oh. my. word. G.R.O.S.S. indeed.
    Huh, and I thought Joseph was gross the other night at a minor league ballgame, when he picked wax out of his ears and showed it to everyone there. Loudly and proudly to boot. I’m not sure, but my hunch is that he ate it later. EW!!!!!

    Perhaps you should reinforce the diaper tabs with some MacGyver duct tape – LOL!!!!!!!!!!

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