Did He Really Say That

He Said That?

From time to time I have blogged some of the crazy things my husband has said. I literally left the family for a few minutes just now to share this with you.

Two conversations from today:

Conversation #1:

I had just purchased a dozen donuts from Lamars. A donut joint here in KC that we had never tried. I had mine on the way home, and pointed out the box to John and said: “These donuts are incredible”

John: “Are they good?”

Conversation #2:

Set the stage: John ironing in the bedroom (yes, he irons everything). Kids jumping on the bed. Nick and Tay hanging out waiting til we’re all ready to go. I’m trying to fix my hair and put on a clean t-shirt.

I say: Nick run to the laundry room and get the green t-shirt that is hanging to dry. I want to wear it.

Nick leaves.

John says, “You’re making him wear your t-shirt?”

I say, “John, if you’re not really paying attention, don’t assume that what you’ve just heard is totally idiotic.”

He says, “That may be the best advice I have ever been given.”

I love my husband. He makes me laugh, and if you’re not married to a right brained musician with a tinge of ADD you may not appreciate this fully.


4 thoughts on “He Said That?

  1. JOHN, I can’t wait to meet you in person LOL! You crack me up. The ironing…bizarre. I don’t iron ANYTHING! Just chuck it in the dryer to freshen that bad boy up AND if it stinks from pit juice, just THROW in a fabric softer and you’re good to go!

  2. Jen, He irons his jeans and his t-shirts every day. I kid you not. I never ever iron, except on a rare occasion, like a Sunday or a wedding….. even then I usually get him to iron my stuff since he’s already got the iron out.

    I’m thinking a trip out for Nick to do a family photo shoot is in order, whatcha think? Some weekend when your Nick is home.

  3. not married to one, but sounds really similar to my ten year old who has a little more than a TINGE of ADD đŸ™‚ Oh, and I don’t think he knows what an iron is.

    Jen, I am TOTALLY with you on the dryer thing! Who needs an iron? lol

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