Dreamin’ of Vacation

Though we’ve been world travelers this year, 36 days in Ukraine separated from 4 of our children, living in our posh little pad, did not constitute a vacation! We need a vacation!  

Days like this warm with a crisp breeze having me dreaming of Michigan.

Since I was a small girl we have traveled more years than not to a vacation spot in Central Lake, Michigan to a cottage on a small lake that my grandfather invested in many years ago. The family has since grown. Additions have been made to the cottage and other family members have purchased summer homes near the original cottage. 

We are hoping that we can go up in early July to visit my parents, my sister and brother and their families, as well as several of my aunts, uncles, and cousins.  

Here’s some stuff you can pray for:

1. THE BIGGEST issue: a larger vehicle (12-15 passenger van) that we can borrow to make the  13 hour treck.

2. Finances to make the journey (our gas money has already been taken care of! God is so faithful). So just a bit of money for food on the way up, groceries while we’re there,  and little things we might do with the kids in Michigan. It’s overall a REALLY cheap vacation!  

Anyway, please pray for us that we can resolve the transportation issue and bless our kiddos with a vacation the oldest three are really really LONGING for a Michigan summer. This will also be a first meeting for most of my family (except my sister Tara) with Aiden and Emma!

4 thoughts on “Dreamin’ of Vacation

  1. You know were praying and we’re very excited!! The Lord is our Jehovah Jirah!! He will provide!!

    Love ya’ all!! Mom

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