Startling Reality

I read a post this morning by Barry Rodriguez and I want to share it with you all who have faithfully followed and supported our adoption. Barry was in Ukraine and visited Romaniv Boys Orphanage with a group from Mission to Ukraine. 

Please GO HERE to read his entire post. As you read, I ask you to remember that this is where Aiden who have been sent to live out the rest of his days had he not been adopted. Aiden is a rescued one, and today we are extra grateful that he is in our home, safe and loved. Please pray for the orphans of Romaniv and for the amazing people who minister there weekly.


4 thoughts on “Startling Reality

  1. What a heartwrenching post by Barry! It’s unfathomable and disturbing to learn that the orphans of Romaniv are enduring such conditions. Peter’s story will break the heart of anyone reading it. The people who minister in the orphanage on Thursdays are a brilliant light for Christ in an otherwise very dark world. Praying that the Lord opens the doors to allow groups from MTU to minister at the girls’ orphanage also. Will be praying for miracles large and small to drastically improve the living conditions for these children and adults who are hidden away because of their disabilities.

    Thanking the Lord today that Aiden, Emma and the Malones’ little boys have been rescued and are safe and secure in loving families. May more and more children find themselves surrounded by such love.

  2. Thanks for sharing this post. While we are not pursuing a special needs child, we greatly admire and respect those that do. Having done missions work in normal Ukrainian orphanages, I can’t even imagine those institutions where the disabled children are sent.

    By the way, we have friends who work (or have worked) at IHOP in KC. Blessinsg to your family!

  3. Tracie, Are the children adoptable once they reach this institution? So thankful that Aiden is home with you all now!

    When I last talked with you (purchasing an “art for adoption” print), we were at the praying-about-adoption stage. We’ve now completed our homestudy and are waiting for two boys from the foster care system. Over-the-moon excited about it all!

    Blessings on the Loux family!

    Darcy Kidd

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