Yes, We Have SIX Children

Seems like THREE have been taking over this blog, and would good reason of course. But I thought you’d like an update on the other THREE! 

Nicholas: Nick has just finished 11th grade and was home schooled this year so that he could focus on music, art, and photography. I can’t say I did a perfect job, but we did the best we could given the major things going on in our lives!  He is focusing hard right now on creating a summer schedule. Much of his summer will revolve around building a photography business and getting as much experience as he can doing photo shoots. He is also playing drums in the JPR (Justice Prayer Room) here at IHOP, for 2 sets a week.  He wrote an amazing song recently that just totally blew me away!  

Taylor: Taylor just finished 7th grade.  He attended the Daniel Academy first 1/2 of the year and was home schooled second 1/2 of the year during our adoption.  Taylor has been working on writing and illustrating a book this summer. Nick is trying to talk him into singing on his JPR worship team, and we’re hoping that a little brotherly peer pressure will pay off!  

Isabelle: Isabelle just finished 5th grade. She also attended Daniel Academy/home school (same as Taylor).  She is presently in Mississippi helping as a leader at Signs and Wonders Camp. The Children’s Equipping Center here at IHOP has several camps throughout the summer. Some here in KC and some in other locations in the US. She is singing on the worship team at camp and also serving on the ministry team (praying, teaching, etc). She calls daily and seems to be having an awesome time.

All three of the older children have been an incredible help with the major adjustment that the recent adoptions have brought to our family.  I will not pretend that it has been a cake walk for them. There have been days that have just been plain hard, but the adore their sisters and their brother and they are in it for the long haul. 

I am so blessed by their commitment, their patience and their tender love towards their younger siblings.  Taylor said to me yesterday, “You know, we’re going to make great parents some day!” That is so true, Tay! 

We are making sure that they get personal time and that they are working on their schedules so that they have time to cultivate the individual gifts God has placed in them!  We will not allow them to feel like full time baby sitters. The adore their siblings, but they need “me” time too!  

We also cherish the hours between 7PM-9PM because we get to have down time with the older kids.  They are incredible kids for sure, and we thank the Father for them every day and marvel that they are OURS!

(PS: any of you spelling savy folks should take note that I did change Looses to Loses in my previous post title. I was out and about yesterday and realized I spelled it wrong and it nearly drove me nuts til I could get back and edit it.)


2 thoughts on “Yes, We Have SIX Children

  1. Great update on our three oldest grandchildren! Sounds like they’re all working in their gifts!! I agree with Tay,too!! They will all make great parents!!

    You and John are great parents, too!!!

    Love, Mom M.

  2. Tracie, I expected nothing less than the 3 older children would whole-heartedly embrace the 3 smaller ones. It is a blessing to read though. It will be amazing to see how this selflessness will add to their already amazing character that the Lord Himself is molding into them. It’s all about so much more than just any one person.

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