Triple Fun



Here’s a shot of a portion of our backyard. I’ve been working hard to make it toddler friendly. We have a long way to go. The play fort was given to us and needs an swing set addition and a new ladder. The one it has isn’t super toddler friendly.


3 thoughts on “Triple Fun

  1. Very fun! Just curious, Do your big mats under the pool get water ‘stuck’ under them? We have them in our enclosed playroom. It’s tile and they’re under a small slide area, but sometimes with a HARD rain we’ll get a little water through and we’ve had to make sure we’re proactive keeping them dry underneath. Just a thought in case yours do the same thing– mold isn’t so fun LOL!

    Looks like you’re ready for Summertime OUTSIDE!

  2. Your children all 6 of them are so beautiful! The 3 little ones are just more precious than words! The seem to be blossoming more & more everytime you post a new pic! Are they getting to be buds?

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