To See or Not to See

This past week both Emma and Aiden had eye exams. It was quite remarkable to observe both of them being examined when they can not actually respond to “better here, better there” or any of the normal methods an eye doctor uses to determine a prescription.  Their prescriptions were determined by watching the eyes response to different visual stimulus. Emma was incredibly cooperative. Aiden, was…. well, Aiden was Aiden!

Emma has an astigmatism and we have ordered her glasses. She also has a pretty major eye turn when looking L to R. If looking to the R, her L eye turns inward. If looking to the L, her R eye turns inward. This is something that will most likely need surgery some day, but not for a few years. The Opthamologist just said it would be something we would keep an eye on (no pun intended) and re-evaluate down the road. 

Aiden is nearsighted and his glasses have also been ordered.  The doctor said his vision issue is not severe, but she would like to see him wear the glasses if he will cooperate. He tried them on, gave his cheeky little grin, and then proceeded to throw them across the room. The technician smiled and told me not to worry, that usually when children realize that they can see better, they want to leave them on. Hmmmm, I think she does not know Aiden well at all. 

To see or not to see…. well, we’ll see!

(Photos with their spectacles in the next week or so!)


3 thoughts on “To See or Not to See

  1. My kids threw them for a while but we got a loose strap for Micah (and when we had our extra little guy we got him one too!) so that when they were thrown or removed we could find them hanging there instead of in the toybox, under the stroller, or 10 aisles back at Wal-Mart 🙂 🙂 Emma wears hers great now, though, so there is hope!!

    I think it’s amazing how they diagnose our kids’ eye issues!

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