We’re Here Until SATURDAY… dagnabbit

Well, we’re stuck here because of “mandatory protocol for TB” which requires three days in a row of those yucky “tube down the nose to the tummy to drag up some gunk” test. To which I say again, “Dagnabbit!!”

Now to change the subject.

Aiden was crying out to “EAT” right before surgery. He was back in the room at 2PM and eating jello by 2:30. At 3:30 he had a very late lunch (chicken noodle soup, apple sauce, and chocolate pudding) at 5:30 he had a snack (nutri-grain bar and vanilla pudding) and at 6:30 dinner (mac-n-cheese). As you can see he had some catching up to do.  



In case you wondered, Aiden is adored by the entire nursing staff. They pretty much have fallen in love with the little guy. Who can blame them?  He has charmed them with his silly grins, his great laugh, high fives, hi’s and bye’s, and just by being stinkin’ cute! During our wagon rides through the hospital, Aiden conducts his famous “meet and greet” leaving not a single soul feeling unloved. Go Aiden!


7 thoughts on “We’re Here Until SATURDAY… dagnabbit

  1. You are right…He is just so adoarable…wish I could wrap my arms around him…
    Maybe some day…Too much water between us right now. 🙂

    Praying for you guys.

  2. Oh, my! Two more tube down the nose procedures! I’m sorry to hear that you’re not able to go home sooner. It sounds as though Aiden bounced back well from the 1st one. Will be praying that the next 2 go as well.

    I hope I can get an Aiden hug one of these days!!

  3. Was that the “healthy and balanced” hospital meal? 😉 He is such a little dolly! Praying for grace for you all!

  4. The food thing makes me laugh!! And I can just picture the Aiden parade around the hospital even though I’ve never met him!! How cute. We’re praying….

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