Thank You Jesus, We’re Comin’ HOME

Good news we get to come home TODAY! They decided they would let the third tube test thing go. 

Aiden has had his bath and is waiting on lunch, discharge papers and DADDY to come get us!

Aiden will be on three medications and has a follow up with the International Adoption Clinic to see the TB specialist. But the kicker is the whole deal had to be reported to the department of health and they have to literally watch him take his medication every day for a week and then twice a week after that for SIX MONTHS!!! So one more thing to add to my life! The nice thing, if there is a nice thing, is that they come to the house and they bring you the medicine. More on this whole ordeal for sure!

BUT for today we are just HAPPY to be going HOME!


4 thoughts on “Thank You Jesus, We’re Comin’ HOME

  1. Yay!!!

    We’ll be praying for the health department to get a clue about your family and realize they can just let you give him the medicine yourself.

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