Aiden is Doing Well

Aiden is out of surgery and is doing well. He had his c-scan this morning and went to surgery around lunch time. He was back in his room at 2PM. Thanks so much for all your prayers. 

The kids at home are doing great as well. We are so grateful for our OJC family support staff  that has stepped in and worked lots of extra hours so that we can be here with Aiden with no worries about home base!  YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! We love you so much.




8 thoughts on “Aiden is Doing Well

  1. Bless his little heart! I’m so happy to hear he is doing well. He is just so darn cute!!!!:)

  2. Hey,
    SO glad to hear that he is doing much better!
    You know, one thing i have always noticed bout Children’s mercy, is that the spoons are REALLY big.. I cant even fit them in my mouth, without it hurting.. they are very weird shapes..

    Lol, anyway, they always have baby spoons on the floor, they might be a little easier

  3. Jello is the 1st step to returning health!! : )

    Thank you for all the updates and these pictures – as if you don’t have enough to think about!! Are they keeping Aiden overnight?

  4. These pictures are precious! Had a nice chat with Isabelle.
    She’s precious, too!! She’s thinking you’ll be home tomorrow.

    Love, Mom

  5. So glad the surgery is over and he is doing well. Love the pic of you two sleeping. The OJC staff is amazing and I love their joyful hearts and willing spirits. Kiss that punkin for us. Praying for a good night for you all.

    Love, Mom L

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