Well, the little punkins had positive TB tests. You know the little bubble under the skin on your arm that I’ve had dozens of times in my life time that I never give a thought to because it seems so routine? Well Emma and Aiden had theirs on Thursday, and I took them in on Sunday afternoon to have it read. On Friday and Saturday I kept looking at their arms because I was supposed to put a dot of marker where the injection was so the nurse knew where to check. Only problem is, I didn’t need to put a marker dot there because it remained red with a bit of a raised welt the entire weekend.  I though, “Hmmm, that’s not what it’s supposed to look like.”

So Sunday when I took them in, the nurse came out to the waiting room to do her perfunctory check and then said, “I’d better get the doctor to look at this.” At this point the kids had a total melt down as their memory of that arm poke was still fresh and they had no desire to go back in a room looking exactly like the torture chamber of Thursday.  I was told that they would call my doctor and I would hear back from them, but that a chest x-ray might be in order.

Monday I get the call from our doctor explaining that yes indeed we were going to need chest x-rays to hopefully deny the existence of active TB.  The kids were x-rayed yesterday and I should know by Wednesday what’s up. If the chest x-rays do not show any sign of active TB in their lungs, then it is considered to be “latent TB” meaning they have been exposed some way in the past or because they may have received the BBC vaccine in Ukraine (it’s not given here in the US). We will then proceed with a course of medication to keep it “latent.” 

If the chest x-rays show any sign of active TB, we get to take a visit to “infectious disease” at Children’s Mercy to be further evaluated. Either way, I’m told they are not contagious because they are not symptomatic. 

And to top it all of John and I have to go get another TB test because we were in Ukraine for more than 2 weeks and the kids have had a positive TB test. Off we go for another stick. 

All in a days work!  The good news is the kids have absolutely no symptoms of TB (night sweats, night time coughing) and we know you’re all going to pray with us too that we’ll receive a good report on Wednesday.

Next MD appointments on the books: Audiology, ENT, and Opthamology


7 thoughts on “TB?

  1. And the fun never stops, LOL! I have an appt. to take Elijah in to the Dermatologist for some bumps all over him. His pediatrician wasn’t sure about it, but I’m glad we got squeezed in for tomorrow, because he has even more today.:(
    Praying for good results from your tests.

  2. Absolutely praying for a good report on Wednesday. Also praying that naptime becomes an oasis of calm and serenity!! : )

  3. You are going to be a pro at all this. Just think of the resource that you are going to be to other families. AND…. What a testimony as you come out of each Dr.’s office with a praise report and when you finally see the complete healing of your new little darlings!!! All in a days work! 🙂

  4. Yes, unfortunately this is very common from the vaccine. I hope all is negative and just some anti’s for a while will take care of it!

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