Adoption Message by Randy Bohlender

Our dear friend Randy Bohlender  is speaking today at our Forerunner Christian Fellowship services.  If you are able to catch him on the webstream tonight at 6PM (cent), please DO IT!  Randy and Kesley are on staff at the International House of Prayer. They are adoption advocates and founders of The Zoe Foundation

If you have never heard a message about the Father’s heart for adoption or the role of the church in adoption. Catch this one!  The word is getting out!  It’s time for a revolution.

You can watch live at 6PM (cent). Worship first, message starting around 6:45 or 7PM (cent).  www.ihop.org   Under Live Webcast Worship and Teaching (sunday service, watch)


One thought on “Adoption Message by Randy Bohlender

  1. I was soooo bummed that the webstream wasn’t working. I heard it was powerful. BTW, I’ve given out your email address (along with some other resources) to a couple people who had questions about adoption. I don’t know if or when they’ll contact you, but I wanted to give you a head’s up.

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