We Go to the Playground a Lot






The playground is my friend!  The little ones love the playground and the big kids are always willing to go play and help. It’s a double win.  I’m becoming picky about playgrounds though. I may have to do a playgrounds of Kansas City review at some point.  This great playground is just 5 minutes from the house and is toddler friendly. This means there are lots of things the little ones can do without assistance. It is shady. It has benches and lots of grass. It is away from any busy streets. I can see the kids no matter where they are on the playground. So far it’s one of my favorites.

We literally go to the playground almost every afternoon.


6 thoughts on “We Go to the Playground a Lot

  1. Thanks for the “kid fix”. We all were missing seeing pictures of these beauties.

    Aunt Tara

  2. Which playground is that? I love to go to them as well. Please share your favorites!

  3. It’s called Mapleview Shari. It’s just around the corner from Wes and Carol’s house. I can’t remember the street name, but it’s in their neighborhood.

    We like the one behind Grandview City Hall too, when it’s not to crowded.

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