Bonding with Older Adopted Children

My friend Courtney just wrote a great post on bonding with older adopted children. I would love for you to stop over and visit her Adoption Connect blog and hear what she has to say! 

I’ll write more on this issue as the weeks go on, and I can promise you that I will never be one to paint the picture that adoption is always easy. 

For now though, know this, we are growing in love. It is a painful thing to wish that your human heart could grow faster and love harder. The fact that we long to love Aiden and Emma as deeply as our other children is love, I know.  There are moments when I feel the pangs of love so deeply, and I am moved to tears with emotion for these precious ones. I know one day though (not sure how long it will take), I will wake up and realize that my love has grown into a steady rhythmic longing. I am confident of this because He who promised is Faithful, and He has poured out His love into our hearts so that we can lavish these beautiful ones with that very same love. 


3 thoughts on “Bonding with Older Adopted Children

  1. Your heart is beautiful Tracie! I appreciate your honesty in giving all of us out here a chance to peer into the grit and the glory.

  2. Thank you again for your honesty, I am a step-parent for 20 yrs and I still pray for that connection. This and the link to your friends page really ministered to my heart in this area!

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