Aiden Update

Aiden saw the Cardiologist today. He had an EKG and an ultrasound of his heart. He was fine with it for the most part, and was pretty distracted by the great snacks at Children’s Mercy.

The Cardiologist pronounced his heart to be COMPLETELY HEALTHY with no genetic defects!  As you may know heart issues are very common with Down Syndrome. We are obviously rejoicing that Aiden’s heart is healthy! 

He also had cervical spine x-rays which we do not have a report on yet. It was not as easy to get him to cooperate with that, but they were able to get good films thanks to Buzz Lightyear with light up flying wings!

On the way home from Children’s Mercy I got a call from the pediatrician saying that Aiden’s stool test came back showing that he has Blastocystis Hominis- so the kid can grow parasites in his poop- way to go Aiden! NOT! Honestly the kid has the foulest smelling, nastiest looking poop this side of Eastern Europe. I affectionately had called it “orphanage detox”, and I guess I was sort of right. Anyway, he’ll take some kind of medication that they have to special order and hopefully that will clean the kids pipes out! Aren’t you glad I shared!


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