911 and other stuff


Yesterday Aiden met the Grandview Fire Department. For real, my living room must have been packed full of at least 8 guys from Fire and Rescue. And no, he didn’t light the house of fire! Apparently he fell trying to climb up the bunk bed ladder in Isabelle’s room. I say “apparently” because Taylor heard him crying and went to find him, only to discover the little man in a heap at the bottom of the ladder. Tay brought him to me, told me what happened, and I immediately laid him out flat on the living room floor to check him over.  He was very limp and his eyes were droopy, and then his leg started to twitch! That’s when I called 911. I got redirected about three times (don’t call 911 from your cell if you have the option of your home phone).

So the big boys from Grandview showed up and checked the boy over. By the time they were done, he had gotten up on his own and crawled into my lap.  They advised us to keep an eye on him for a few days and take him in or call back if we were concerned about anything.

He was soon up playing and running around, ate his dinner, and slept well last night. Today he woke up and seems fine.  I’m certain this will not be the last of my “incidents” with Aiden. 

And Other Stuff:

Today Aiden had his dentist appointment. He has visible cavities. I finally found a dentist that would take a 3 year old and accept Aiden’s insurance.  They were not a kid-friendly office. No toys, no videos, nothing! They were nice, they handled him well, and then said they would need to refer me to a specialist because he’ll need to be put under to have the cavities filled. While I was waiting at the counter to get an appointment, Aiden took off. I went to see if he was with the boys in the waiting room- he wasn’t.  As I walked back down the hall, I heard a man say, “He’s in here.” 

I walked into the exam area, where a patient was sitting with his back toward me, the man who spoke to me was sitting facing me at the foot of the exam chair.  The man facing me smiled as Aiden tried to talk to the young man in the chair (hang in there, I’m getting to the point). I saw that the young man in the chair is not responding to Aiden’s cute little taps on his knee and thought, “That’s odd, how can you not say ‘hi’ or at least smile at this charming little boy?” That thought left me as quickly as it had come, when I noticed that the young man in the chair was in HANDCUFFS!!!!!  That’s Aiden for you, sharing the LOVE with ANYONE. Who knows. maybe he’ll have a prison ministry some day.


9 thoughts on “911 and other stuff

  1. LOL! What a great attitude, Tracie! You’re awesome!♥ I had to laugh about the handcuffs — I take the boys to the UMKC dental school since it’s about 1/2 price and they take our insurance! 🙂 One day we were walking down the hall and pretty soon this guy rounds the corner with handcuffs on his wrists and shackles on his fee — you should have seen their eyes bug out of their heads! LOL They’ve been awfully ‘sheltered’ kids, so hey — at least Aiden is learning young! 🙂

  2. This is a total new mom question, but why would you fill cavities in baby teeth? Can’t you just wait for them to fall out? I don’t know, I’d be asking “hey is it cheaper to just pull them?”…

    Like I said, “New mom over here!” 🙂

    What a sweetie that Aiden is, I’m glad he’s ok.

  3. Who says special needs kids can’t minister!! The guy in the handcuffs certainly had a need. “And a little child shall lead them” Way to go Aiden buddy. Love ya gobs!!


  4. Jen,
    Yeah good question. Apparently, if it will be awhile before they fall out, then they can rot down through and ruin the adult tooth, or be very painful.

    Isabelle had to have some filled as a toddler too, and I wondered why then.

  5. I have a feeling that little Aiden is going to be the star of many other exciting and humorous vignettes in the coming years. I’m praying that none of them are nearly as hair-raising as the 911 incident though, mostly for Tracie’s sake!

  6. …start writing a diary/book, publish it as “My first year with the Eastern European dude” (here comes your support)…and I am really serious…

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