One of Those Days!

This happened today. Enough said!



8 thoughts on “One of Those Days!

  1. We have the milk on the floor to go with the cereal.

    When our son was almost 2.5 (about 7 months ago), he opened the fridge and got the half used plain soy milk and the half used chocolate milk and dumped both out ALL OVER the kitchen floor. He then played in it, splashing it all over the cabinets and front of the fridge. So, we have the milk and you have the cereal.

    My 8 month pregnant wife walked in on him in action, thinking she’d probably go into labor trying to clean it up. She just kicked a towel around and mostly got it. I scrubbed the cabinets and floor when I got home from work.

  2. What is it with your kids and honey nut cheerios? When we stayed over night that one time, I found her trying to climb the cabinet to get at them. I finally just gave her the bag.

    Wait, that makes me sound not so awesome…

  3. So cute! We had a incident with baby powder a few weeks back. I wanted to cry but it was just so funny, I got the camera instead. He is adorable!

  4. Life with little ones…. I keep telling myself one day my house will be quiet and spotless and I will be miserable đŸ™‚ Praying for you to have the energy and patience to make it through this tough but joyful time! We are praying for you all and anxiously awaiting each new photo of your beautifu family and details of your interesting days!


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