Far From Boring

Life in this home is far from boring! Adjusting to life as a family of 8 has been quite a wild ride. I will not even begin to pretend that it has been easy. We are so grateful for your continued prayers!

This week we began the process of getting Aiden and Emma started with health care. They have both been to the pediatrician for their initial evaluations. Aiden charmed the nurses and the doctor. He is in the 30-50th percentile for height and weight on the DS growth chart. He was quite devistated by the 6 vials of blood drawn from his arm, but he recovered quickly. He currently has appointments with Cardiology, ENT, X-ray, Opthamology, the dentist, and we are on the waiting list for the Down Syndrome Clinic.

Emma handled her appointment pretty well, but was a bit more apprehensive about it all than Aiden was. She was terrified by the blood draw! Emma is in the 90th percentile for height and weight (no shock there!) Our next step with Emma will be an appointment with a Geneticist to actually get a concrete diagnosis so that we can move forward with the best possible care for her. I also want to get her in to see the Opthamologist.

We’re also having them evaluated for PT, ST and OT for services through the school district. I’m still researching this, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m learning as I go!

The kids are making tremendous progress in adapting to life in our home. They are much more comfortable and relaxed. Just in the past week they are playing more independently and not quite as glued to my side. I’m trusting they are realizing that I’m not going anywhere.

We have had to teach them how to play with toys. Really. The first week they were home they had no idea what to do in the play room, they just kind of froze up. They are now playing like any toddlers would! They had also never done steps before. Aiden is now walking down holding the hand rail and is quite proud of himself. Emma has gone from sitting on her bottom and scooting down the stairs to walking without even holding onto the hand rail! She is also running, which is new for her!

They are eating well and both are feeding themselves. They are responding to English commands. They know what I mean when I say “It’s time to eat”, “Come here”, and simple phrases like that. Emma surprised me the other day when I asked her “Where is your nose?” by pointing straight to her little nose! Aiden is babbling, but still not saying much other than Mama, Papa, and Bye Bye. Emma has gone from being completely non-verbal (other than grunts and moans) to baby talking and saying Mamma, Poppa and poop (of all things!!!!). They are also learning signs (Please, thank you, more, eat, mama, baby, etc)

Our days start at 6:30 AM, as much as I’d like it to be later, this seems to be the “up and at ’em” time around here! Our OJC helpers come in the mornings at 8:30AM, and it’s pretty much non-stop busy busy! We’re so glad for the nice weather which means almost daily outings to the playground. If I lose track of the time when it’s time for snack, I’m quickly reminded when Aiden waltzes into the kitchen and plops down at his spot just waiting for me. Lunch is at 11:30 and Naptime is directly after lunch.

Dinner is normally around 5:30PM followed by much loved bath time. Family devotions is at 6:30. Isabelle or Nick lead worship on guitar and we are learning a couple verses from Proverbs each week with motions to help the little ones engage. We pray together and then it’s off to bed at 7PM.

So there you have it. I figured you were due for a little nuts and bolts update on the little ones. I promise to post pictures and more updates this coming week.


7 thoughts on “Far From Boring

  1. You guys are AWESOME….Only with God would you be able to do what you are doing. God is SO good.!

  2. Your days sound like ours, almost to a T! Except we throw in there school/therapy schedules for 3 of the little ones and we’re ‘missing’ one kid but the 5 we have are 2,3,4,5,and 6…

    Life is never boring when you’re riding God’s roller coaster 🙂

  3. Sounds like a very organized household! I’m guessing the schedule and structure are a big help in developing a sense of security in Emma and Aiden! So glad to hear how well they are developing!! Keep the updates coming! We love hearing about their progress, etc.

    P.S. I bought an adorable pair of swim trunks for Aiden—red, white, and blue for our 4th of July celebration in Mich. Also, a girl’s suit that will probably fit Emma. Yard sales are in full
    swing in Pa.

    Love to all, Mom

  4. Wow, how awsome to hear this progress. It sounds to me like you have a good routine down. You guys are doing an amazing job[all of you!!!]

    Mom L

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