My dad and mom bought a dogwood tree to plant at Uncle Max and Aunt Alice’s in remembrance of Uncle Max’s life. I love where they planted it, at the corner of the stone wall. The wall itself has fond memories for me. Memories of looking for snakes, memories of picking flowers… seeing this wall from up the lane always said, “You’re home” to me.


Pictured above is my dad (with the shovel), my brother Joe, his son Silas, and my cousin Andy. (oops, and as my dad pointed out, my nephew Justin behind the bush!)


Here’s a photo of some of the crew! I have a great family!


My dad is pictured above with Aunt Alice. Aunt Alice is a treasure to me. From the time I was a little girl, she has always inspired me with her tenderness, her creativity, and her devotion to her family. I miss her kitchen and the lovely smell of her home- I hope I get to visit her soon. Alice is an incredibly gifted artist and was actually my art teacher for a number of years. Oh, and she has the most beautiful hands. Hands that love and hands that create. She inspires me.


This is my brother Joe watering the tree. Joe is named after Max and my dad’s father, Joseph Clark Mickey. Uncle Max loved Joe. They spent countless days together hunting, building, fixing, planning some new project, or just shootin’ the breeze. Joe was devoted to our Uncle Max- always willing to go out to Heise Run to do whatever it was that needed to be done or to help out with one of Uncle Max’s projects. And I know without a doubt that Uncle Max was so very proud of my brother.

I love you all!


5 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. There is no place like Heise Run. I think we all feel “I’m home” when we drive down that lane. Uncle Max and Aunt Alice have helped us to feel that way. Thanks for the loving tribute. We miss you.

  2. Great Tribute, Tracie.

    If readers look really close at the first picture, they will see your nephew, Justin, camouflaged behind a bush on the right side. He was very connected to everything that was going on. Dad

  3. You make me cry…..again.

    Talking about Justin being connected. He asked Aunt Alice where Uncle Max was when he died. She patiently showed him where he was sitting, at his favorite spot. Where he could see the “hill” along with all the wildlife that passed by their great room. He needed that so he could process it all, and I know she was pleased to walk him through it.

    We missed you. Love ya.

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