The Love Dare

We watched the movie FireProof last week as a family. Let me clarify, we watched the movie FireProof last week after the toddlers were in bed!

I picked up the book this weekend, and we decided that the LOVE DARE would be effective in any relationship!

So as a family we are taking the LOVE DARE together. My teenage children are doing it with each other. John and I are also doing it with each other (of course). But I really want to see how it would work Parent to small child especially in regards to Bonding with the two new children.

Adopting older children is very different than adopting a newborn. Adopting an older child is a process of growing in love. I’m sure for some it may be “love at first sight,” but for many it is a process of GROWTH into love. Not that there isn’t a degree of love. Of course I love Aiden and Emma, but I long fro the day with the depth of my love for them catches up to my true desire to love them completely!

So, I’m doing an experiment with the Love Dare, to see how using it in my relationship with Aiden and Emma (obviously with adaptations) affects the Bonding Process! I’ll let you know how it works!

Love is Patient
Resolve to demonstrate patience saying NOTHING negative to each other today.
When tempted to say something harsh or unkind. Hold your tongue!



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