Tiny Update with more to come….

1. We had to make a difficult decision and not go to PA for Uncle Max’s funeral… it seemed too much too soon for the little ones (and for mom and dad), and Elia ended up with a pretty bad sinus/eye infection on Thursday morning too. The viewing was last night. I just talked to my mom and dad, and they are going out to Uncle Max and Aunt Alice’s with my brother and sister and their families to plant a dog wood tree on the property from our family in memory of Uncle Max. 

2. I have a bunch of photo posting to catch up on later today when the wee ones are napping. I promise more photos soon!

3. I am tired. Life with three toddlers all within 1 year of each other (2, 2 1/2, and 3)  is nothing short of non-stop!  We are adjusting as well as can be expected, but I can assure you it is emotionally and physically exhausting for all of us.  I am so grateful for the help of OJC and to all the great friends who have brought meals to us. 

4. John and I were discussing last night how it’s not just that we added two children to our home, or that they happen to be two children with special needs, WE ADDED TWO CHILDREN WHO ARE AT ONE OF THE MOST CHALLENGING AGES AS FAR AS DISCIPLINE GOES with ONE ALREADY AT HOME IN THE MIDST OF IT TOO! Most of my day is a series of one discipline issue to the next, and in the between we eat ALOT and sleep. 

I figure it we can hold the line for the next year, we might just survive this! They won’t be 2’s and 3’s forever after all! 

We cry, we laugh, and I cherish the moments when the Lord tenderly reminds me that this counts, that He believes in us, and that these little lives matter to Him.


3 thoughts on “Tiny Update with more to come….

  1. I love these updates. I love how real you are with the tiredness and work but also knowing that it’s worth it. It helps to prepare my heart for what’s in store!

  2. You are so right! It’s a triple-triple! I keep telling myself time goes by so fast and I am going to miss having nail polish poured on my hardwood floors…. I am going to miss having to put someone in time-out every time we eat… well, maybe not that so much, but I will miss having toddlers… someday. Someday kinda quiet.

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