Uncle Max


My Uncle Max passed away early this morning. I cannot begin to explain the loss this is to our family. Uncle Max is my dad oldest sibling. My Papa (my dad’s father) died in 1966- two years before I was born.  Uncle Max (though not old enough to be may grandfather) felt much like a grandfather to me.

From the time I was 2 we lived in the same town, and when I was 5 we moved into a home on the same lane, Heise Run.  He and my Aunt Alice and their children: John, Judy, and Ann were a steady influence in my life as a young girl.   I love them all dearly, they are a treasure to our family.

I will miss Uncle Max with all my heart.

I will miss his stories. (I regret not carrying a tape record with me over the years.)

I will miss his jokes.

I will miss the smell of his hugs.

I will miss the way he loved my father.

I will miss the way he loved my brother.

I will miss the way he engaged with everyone would would sit and talk to him.

And I will miss the memory of his pipe tobacco. Though Uncle Max quit smoking a pipe many years ago, the smell of his pipe is still a fond memory. (I’m fairly certain that in the photo above, the pipe is empty. If I recall, even after he quit smoking, he kept that pipe in his mouth for a while)

I Love You, Uncle Max!

We will be leaving tomorrow for Pennsylvania to gather with family to celebrate my uncle’s life.

Oh, and I’m guessing this photo was taken around 1972- Mom or Dad, any thoughts on that?


7 thoughts on “Uncle Max

  1. Tracie,
    I am sorry to hear of your loss. I will be praying for you and the family as you make the trip and see family and friends. The Lord be with you.

  2. Words cannot express the heartfelt sympathy for your loss, I lost a dear uncle very suddenly almost 2 yrs ago and even though I had not related to him much since leaving home, I was struck about how it saddened me. I trust your Uncle Max knew Jesus and you all will be reunited one day! XO

  3. When I first pulled this up, I thought that was John. funny. Anyhow, SO sorry for your loss. It just plain sucks. I’ll pray for GRACE GRACE on the drives to and back. Hope you have a wonderful time remembering his life with the rest of your family.

    Much love, Kari

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