Teach Me!

Last night I was desperate-  feeling overwhelmed as a mom and to be honest, feeling quite incapable of doing all that is before me: Love Jesus Well, Be A Good Wife, Mother My Children, Teach My Children, Manage My Home, you know the list…. and mine just got two little punkins longer! 

We had a good old fashioned family meeting and I had a good old fashioned mom melt down.  I sat there quietly most of the night, but my heart’s prayer was “Holy Spirit, Teach me! I desperately need to you to guide me and show me how to do this.” 

I know that He will teach me.  One of the stressors on my grid has been home schooling, now that I have THREE toddlers. Last night I decided to just forget everything I though I knew about home schooling, forget about how other people homeschool, and ask the Holy Spirit for fresh ideas- ideas that will work with MY children and MY circumstances.

I have a long way to go, and a lot of listening to do, that is for sure; but this morning, as I was getting ready to take the wee ones to the Malachi Prayer Meeting, the Lord gave me a great idea for an assignment for the boys. I gave them a couple of vocabulary words to look up and the assignment that followed was to look for creative ways to photograph their vocabulary words.  As the assignment came out of my mouth it kind of shocked me, and I whispered a thank you to the Lord for this great idea because it was really HIS. It may be no big deal to some, but it was a huge deal to me, a big deal for my heart.  I asked the Holy Spirit for help, and He gave me an incredible idea- one that made my boys smile, and one that both touched their love for language and their love of art.  

Here are the results, now go check the boys blogs:

INCONGRUENT: adj. incongruous, incompatible;  CHEMISTRY (of melting, dissolution or other process) affecting the components of an alloy or other substance differently.

NICK at fallingfromthesky.wordpress.com

TALOR at taylorloux.wordpress.com



4 thoughts on “Teach Me!

  1. I am there pretty much every day Trac 🙂 But THE STORM always calms. I can relate very well to you with my 4 toddlers-it’s tough but it can be done. Remember-homeschooling is so good for all of you and you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT! Whenever you want. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself-go at your own pace and God will lead you as he has me. He hears your prayer and the more you ask, the more he will be there to help! You must bring them all and come to the farm for a visit! They can all RUN WILD! I stay up LATE at least midnight so call if you need to talk 🙂

  2. COME ON! that is SO AWESOME! GO GOD! Thats the Lord…He totally wants to do a fresh new thing. What an awesome idea…I want some too God! 🙂
    Yes, I love love love the whole forgetting what everyone else is doing, and just asking God to make it fresh.
    Thanks for sharing that! Im motivated!!!

  3. I remember when I first started homeschooling, surrounded by friends with very A-type personalities. I soon realized that I totally lack that A-type thing, and doing school the way my friends were doing it was going to kill me and my kids. It took a while, but I finally found the pace and flow of what worked for us. I relaxed, the kids relaxed, and it all went so much better.

    I’m really impressed, with your brilliant idea as well as with what the boys came up with. What a cool family…

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