Don’t Forget the Easter Buns

After a yummy dinner it was evident that the only way to clean the kids up was to toss them all in the tubbie!



Front from L to R: Sasha, Ethan, Silas, and Emma Back: Aiden and Elia



All I can really say is that in spite of the fact that it was a totally crazy day, I spent most of my day marveling at the fact that God has blessed us with these precious ones.  It was a true “Resurrection Day” in my heart.

More family photos coming soon!!!!!!


13 thoughts on “Don’t Forget the Easter Buns

  1. LOVE it! And I thought bath was hectic with my 3 in there at the same time… but you’ve doubled my record! 🙂 Good thing you don’t have glass doors on your tub!! LOL Happy Easter!

  2. by Shel Silverstein

    There’s too many kids in this tub
    There’s too many elbows to scrub
    I just washed a behind
    I’m sure it wasn’t mine
    There’s too many kids in this tub

  3. What can I say? Is it pretty bad when I recognize them from behind? LOL!
    I keep forgetting that Elia was adopted too, soon, I bet I will forget about the others as well!

  4. Ha! I got a good chuckle out of that one!
    such precious lil bums they are, indeed.

    this summer, just fill up the blow up pool and bath away…i do that with my boys sometimes. neighbors have officially dubbed us the redneck Yankees from Philly – LOL!

  5. LOVE it!! Absolutely precious. Amazing all of them stayed in photo position for any length time!

  6. A little”cheek to cheek” in the last pic. Tracie, we have two tubs at our house. Hint…hint. Love, Papa

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